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Let's talk flavour. What does chaga and reishi taste like?

In a word, amazing. Our brewing process results in a gently carbonated drink with  complex and delicious flavours. 

Pure Chaga extract tastes like a mixture of coffee and stout beer, with notes of toffee and vanilla. It's the base for our Lively Chaga Black.

Reishi is bitter in flavour, in a way that's similar to hops. As a result, our Relaxed Reishi White should appeal to those who enjoy a good, balanced IPA. 

Are all your drinks alcohol free?

Our brewing and distilling processes do not create any alcohol. All of our drinks are 100% alcohol free. 

What are the benefits of reducing alcohol consumption?

The benefits of reducing alcohol consumption range from reduced anxiety to better sleep, from a losing weight to living a more aware, in the moment, life. 

Additionally, alcohol is a carcinogen and any reduction in consumption will reduce the risk of cancer. 

Listing all the benefits of reduced alcohol consumption would be a giant project, so here are some links that give further information. 

Medical News Today

The Guardian


Are chaga and reishi mushrooms psychedelic?

None of the mushrooms we use are in any way psychoactive, meaning that while they will hopefully make you feel amazing, they will not create a high. 

Our foraged Chaga, for example, is Health Canada certified and our Reishi is sourced from sustainable farms.  

Chaga creates a gentle whole body lift similar to coffee - but without the jitters.

Reshi is used by many to help them relax and create calm and clarity. 

Where does chaga grow?

Chaga grows on most birch forests in the Northern Hemisphere, from Canada to Russia and the Baltic Countries.

Chaga grows slowly, taking a good 20 years to accumulate nutrients until it is ready to be harvested.

This slow-growing pace is one of the reasons why it is so full of antioxidants, adaptogens and other great stuff.

Are chaga mushrooms a stimulant?

Chaga mushrooms are full of antioxidants and are considered an adaptogen. In Scandinavian countries, there is a long history of drinking chaga instead of coffee.

We love our Lively Chaga Black tonic when we need a pick-me-up at any time of the day or night.

Are your drinks keto-friendly?

Our drinks contain no sugar, yet still taste fantastic. If you are on a low carb or keto diet, they will deliver delicious hydration without sweeteners. 

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