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Chaga botanical tonic 6 pack

Lively Chaga Black, 6 pack

Chaga botanical tonic 12 pack

Lively Chaga Black, 12 pack

reishi six pack sold out

Relaxed Reishi White, 6 pack

Relaxed Reishi White, 12 pack

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Thank you for all the love ❤️

Mary Whitehead
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"I've been interested in the benefits of chaga for some time now - this really hits the spot and tastes great. Also, hello low carbs."
Mike McKenzie
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"Amazing taste, great ingredients and also makes a fantastic mixer for alcohol free cocktails."
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"Tried the Lively Chaga Black at a private tasting. Can't wait to get my hand on more. Added bonus that it contains no sugar."
Andy Riverdale
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"I drink the Lively Chaga Black instead of coffee. What love most about it is the feeling of presence it helps me to achieve. It's hard to stay in the moment and I feel that chaga is the help I need."

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Things to keep in mind

  • COVID is slowing things down – see our Relaxed Reishi White being sold out. We’re working as fast as we can to restock. 
  • We use real medicinal mushrooms in our brews. Not extracts, not mycelium mixed with rice, no strange derivatives, just the real thing. 
  • Our drinks contain 0.0% alcohol and no added sugar.
  • They are keto and vegan friendly.
  • Our Chaga mushrooms are organic and Health Canada approved. 
  • Our Reishi mushrooms are organic and Health Canada approved. 
  • We use organic ingredients where possible, and we’re working on becoming 100% organic. 
  • We are taking care of the planet, only working with partners who make a proven commitment towards sustainability. 
  • While medicinal mushrooms contain a ton of functional ingredients, they are not psychoactive, meaning while our drinks will hopefully make you feel amazing, they won’t get you high.
  • We’re made in Canada, from Canadian ingredients. 

International shipping

Shipping to the US and Europe is expensive from Canada – we’re sorry about that, we don’t like it much either. We’re working on solutions for our friends from around the world. 

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